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HDR Domes.

High-End Lighting for 3D Objects.

Are you looking to photorealistically stage a 3D object? We have a suitable HDR dome for you in the highest data quality. Adjust the reflections and lighting to even the smallest degree and bring your item to life.

Move the slider to experience the HDR sphere effect.


Our spheres have a resolution of 500 megapixels – guaranteeing optimal renderings. Even the finest details and close-ups can be realistically simulated.

Final retouched image.

HDR Dome image
360° complete environment and light situation captured in one HDR-Dome

High Dynamic Range

HDR stands for high dynamic range.

Our files in 32-bit HDR or EXR format have

a dynamic range of up to 30 f-stops, ensuring

the best possible results.

Your Additional MAGROUND Advantages:

  • The world’s largest database of HDR domes. From country roads to bungalows, from dawn to dusk: Virtually every backdrop in virtually every type of lighting is available from us.
  • You have a background image but no suitable HDR dome for lighting? Our team is happy to help.
  • Flexible application. Our HDR domes can also be combined with Virtual Reality Environments.
  • Your project is relatively small? Just get a “Smaller” HDR dome from us.

Available File Sizes:

  • High-resolution: 14,000 to 31,500 pixels width (HDR or EXR format)
  • Small HDR: 2,500 pixels width (HDR or EXR format)


Experience top file quality.

Request a test image set with 5 high-res background images

plus 500 MP HDR dome.



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