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Virtual Reality.

Product Presentation in a New Dimension.

The immersion into photorealistic 3D worlds with virtual reality headsets is fascinating people all over the world. More and more companies are presenting their products in walk-through environments, embracing an extremely powerful experience and a lasting emotional interaction with the brand for their customers.


From small prototypes, simulations, and internal presentations to large emotive showrooms and configurations, there are many possibilities for their use – and the advantages are obvious.

This is what just Virtual Reality (VR) offers:

  • More Opportunities. Improved brand and sales potential on different platforms and devices.
  • Increased Flexibility. Market-specific presentations in every desired environment.
  • Unique Focusing. Distraction-free experiences for your products and services.
  • Important Image Boost. Brand presence at the latest technological level.


Only at MAGROUND we offer you:

  • State-of-the-Art Technology. Engineered in Germany and the USA to meet the highest standards in quality and performance combined with modeling, texturization, and animation for hyper realistic results.
  • Simple Usage. Open the VR environments with practically any 3D software.
  • Powerful Efficiency. Use outtakes and tracking shots for print campaigns or videos thanks to supreme data quality.
  • Large Selection. A wide range of available applications for automotive, architecture, entertainment and more.
  • Customized Solutions. Every project tailored to your needs – for your individual premium results!



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