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Size matters! Always Meet Your Highest Demands.

All creatives know the problem: Ordinary stock images quickly reach their limits. We at MAGROUND provide what you need to create in the most advanced, professional, and above all flexible manner. To make this happen, more than 400 professional photographers constantly produce the most stunning images using only the latest technologies and medium format cameras. Your benefits:


Big Data

The finest details even on large-format

blow-ups or trade fair walls are clearly

visible thanks to our enormous file size.

100% Zoom View in the green circle

For us, extreme crops and customized composites and postproduction are common standards rather than anything unusual.

Find out more about our unique composite license here.

Move the slider to see how smoothly images can be combined to get completely new and individual artwork.

RAW Files

Want to adapt the look of an image to the style of a campaign or layout?

Simply request the original RAW files for all the possibilities of a photo

shoot – only at a much lower cost.

Further Advantages for You:

  • Huge Range. Over 600,000 photos from the fields of cityscapes, landscapes, transportation, aerial images, and advertising.
  • Impressive Backgrounds. Backdrops perfectly suited for product integration (backplates).
  • Image Bundles. Different perspectives and camera heights for each location allow a wide range of options.
  • Matching HDR Domes. Ideal for 3D integration – everything from a single source.



Image Sets.

Up to 25 Different Angles and a matching HDR-Dome.

Perfect for 3D integration.

Available file sizes:

  • M-JPG. 1.500 pixels long edge
  • L-JPG. 2.900 pixels long edge
  • XL-JPG. 4.500 pixels long edge
  • 2XL Tiff data in full resolution (via our service team)


Free Test Set

Download your free test package here.


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